Memories are memories

“…Nights when it was impossible for me to sleep, images of Naoko would come back to me. There was no way I could stop them. Too many memories of her were crammed inside me, and as soon as one of them found the slightest opening, the rest would force their way out in an endless stream, an unstoppable flood…”—> Same feeling – same thinking…

“…Eventually, though, the tide would pull back, and I would be left on the beach alone. Powerless, I could go nowhere; sadness itself would envelop me in deep darkness until the tears came. I felt less that I was crying than that the tears were simply oozing out of me like perspiration…”

—> A lonely life I am experiencing. Exactly like what I am thinking

“…When he went inside me, I couldn’t believe how much it hurt. It was my first time, after all. I was so wet, he slipped right in, but still, my brain fogged over – it hurt so much. He put it in as far as he could, I thought, but then he lifted my legs and went in even farther. That sent chills all through my body, as if I was soaking in ice water. My arms and legs went numb, and a wave of cold went through me. I didn’t know what was happening. I thought I might die right there and then, and I didn’t care one way or another. But he realized I was in pain, so he stopped moving, and still deep inside me, he started kissing me all over – my hair, my neck, my breasts – for a long, long time. Little by little, the warmth returned to my body, and then, very slowly, he started to move. Oh, Reiko, it was so wonderful! Now it felt as if my brain was just going to melt away. I wanted to stay like that forever, to stay in his arms for the rest of my life. That’s how great it was…”

—> Eh? Just wondering how much great it will be

“…I knew it would never happen again. I knew this was something that would come to me once, and leave, and never come back. This would be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I had never felt anything like it before, and I’ve never felt anything like it since. I’ve never felt that I wanted to

do it again…”

—> This love will never happen again. It just came once and left me and never come back.

(All quotes are copied from Norwegian Wood)

This story is good, because I can find something related to me in it. So complicated! And me too! I like Haruki Murakami’s writing style which can somehow expresses my feeling


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