Can Tho city

One of my friends asked me to take her friends to go around cantho city. She couldnt think of any interesting places to take them to visit. And i did help her and myself (to escape from a kind of boring office atmostphere). We had a good time together. However, we just spent around 2hrs on floating market, so i cant call it a city tour 😛

Here are some things for my city tour.

Let see… first of all, the FLOATING MARKET. If you dont wanna get up early, you can start your city tour around 8am. But with my own experience, that is not a good time to visit Cai Rang Floating Market. The earlier you go, the more beautiful and fresher you will experience. So, i suggest you should go at 6am. It will take you more than 30mins to get there.
When you are there, hmmm… no words to express… maybe photos 🙂
Then, you will ask the boat driver to take you go through some small cannels which bordering around cantho city. You also stop by a local orchard on the way to enjoy the fresh fruits in the garden. It would be cool. To finish to going along those cannels, it would take you more than 1hr and you will arrive back to Ninh Kieu Quay around late morning.

Doing business on rivers

One way of advertisment

Share some real interesting moments with local people on floating market

Now, time for lunch… It depends on the current weather, I will take you to a reasonable food stall. 😛 with a ‘student’s price’…

Then, time for having a glass of “cafe sua da”, ; i know that i cant drink much coffee but i like to spend a little bit lunch time in a cafe shop in cantho. I dont know much but i can take you to some if you want.

That’s me at one cafe shop

After enjoying time in a cafe shop, its time to take a local transport to go to the Ancient House in Binh Thuy District. There are many ways to get there, of course, such as: cyclo, bus, motorbike-taxi and bikes. You know that I cant ride motorbike, so myfirst choice is public transport. That is also a good way to experience the local life with the people. It would take you around 30 mins to go to that House.
Hmm… how old is it? Im sure that some of my friends know because some of them did make a presentation about that house when they were in university.
But there are some things that you should take note. If you are a vietnamese, you might not be allowed to enter; in case you say you are tourists. The people in that house i think seem not to welcome the local people. I still dont understand why. Maybe its just streotype from me.
On the way to that house, you can see a local market. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a kind-of rural market and a place where they make film, i think. The trip to that ancient house would take you almost an afternoon.

After that, turing back to the center of cantho, you can eat lightly with some local snack full of coconut milk. That is very typically!

Then, go along the Ninh Kieu Quay to enjoy the sun set and observe the life at the end of the day. Find a place to have dinner and go along the city to experience the city life at night…

Spending time in cantho means going around, eating, drinking and relaxing. Here, there are not many beautiful and amazing scenries like in Ha Long Bay or Sapa. Just come here and relax and feed yourself

Well, to me thats enough for a city tour. I dont think it is right that some of you dont agree that going to somewhere outside Ninh Kieu District is not going sightseeing the city. You should know that Cantho city is kind of large. There are not much many districts than Saigon. And dont compare cantho to saigon. Every city has its own characteristics and beauty.

If you wanna find the peace, friendliness and hospibility… just come to cantho! Thats all!
Some photos of cantho city

People Commitee – a copy of Reunification Palace in Saigon

One of supermarkets in cantho

Streets full of trees


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