Avenue du Maine – Paris

Here, everything I found about Avenue du Maine, Paris where Soi is living with his family.

It is too far from Can Tho.

Paris, a romantic place for couples, is out of my reach.3empty3

What I can do now is searching and reading about it on Internet.

The above photo: L’avenue du Maine dans le 14e arrondissement mène tout droit vers le quartier Montparnasse et sa tour à la couleur sombre. On note un éclaircissement de la photo du premier au dernier plan.

The highest building on that avenue: Tour Montparnasse ( Montparnasse Tower; close to the Hotel Petit Palace ) is a skyscraper at 23, avenue du Maine, in the Montparnasse area of Paris , France (on the left bank of the river Seine , centered on the intersection of the Boulevard de Montparnasse and the Boulevard Raspail. It is part of the 14eme arrondissement, having been absorbed into Paris along with other districts and villages in 1860) , the only skyscraper office building in Paris proper.

Built on top of the Paris Metro station “Montparnasse Bienvenüe “, the 58 floors of the tower are mainly occupied by offices, while two floors are open to the public for viewing the city; the 56th floor with a restaurant, and the terrace on the top floor. On a clear day, the view covers a radius of 40 kilometers; you can see the aeroplanes taking off from Orly Airport . Designed as a safety measure for visitors, the guard-rail can be removed in only 120 seconds to allow helicopters to land.

i think this high building is kind of near to Soi’s apartment. I read on internet and found out that its address is 23 and Soi’s is 25. So, i conclude that they are near 🙂

Montparnasse from the Eiffel towerSo awesome that from the Eiffel tower, the Montparnasse is so high, like a high black steel column

The building is often considered an eyesore, and some even claimed that it has the best possible view over Paris, for it does not appear in the landscape.

At the time of construction, it was the highest building in Europe . The construction of La Grande Arche at La Défense places the tower in a second line of perspective across Paris.

This is an opposite view from the Montparnasse Tower, to Eiffel Tower.

Those are some photos Soi took on the way back home from the nearby supermarket

The cine


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