Love Summer 2007 – North Trip

fter a week of loneliness, emptiness and sadness because of anh yeu’s leaving, i have started to write about my summer vacation which took place in 4 places: PHU QUOC, HA NOI, SA PA and HA DONG.

I uploaded all good photos of the trip to share with you. Luckily i have lots of free time now so its time to write =)

so, let start with Phu Quoc trip. This is the first time i go there with my colleagues . We had fun there but i myself felt sad because anh yeu couldnt join me and i had to spend my birthday alone. My coworkers didnt care much about that. I spent most of the time alone, wandering along the beach, writing journal. The rest i spent with my group. We ate some special food there, seafood of course! i couldnt eat some strange fish. But i love seafood! =). The most annoying thing in PQ is mobile services. On my birthday, there were many friends and anh yeu’s calls, but i didnt reach them. Roads in PQ is still like countryside roads, with a lot of trees along. Beaches there are clean and empty. Seawater is blue. The sky is blue full of white clouds and wind and sun. So good! I still dont know why I didnt get sunburn when I was in PQ. Here are some photos of sceneries, food and me in PQ
View from speedboat’s window. That speedboat really looks like a box when u get on. lack of air. Full of ppl. Tired! Thats why i slept during the trip from Can Tho to Rach Gia, and then from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc

The beach near my hotel. Its not clean inland, but really cool when you walk and play with the water

Duong Dong town, a big and main town in Phu Quoc. This is the place where seaboats stop after going to the ocean for catching squids or fish

This road leading to the Southern Phu Quoc crosses Phu Quoc National Park

One beach on the Northern Phu Quoc

My coworkers in Transmekong

Well, time to say goodbye to PQ. I, again alone packed my stuffs and carried it to HN and waited for an amazing trip there with anh yeu. I was rode to PQ Airport by a nice guy who rode me for free. But I am also a nice girl as ppl often say, so I sent him a bit money for his breakfast and coffee. PQ Airport is a small local one. What a pity that i forgot to take a photo of it!. The plane on which I got on is a small one of VN Airline. It is small so it was shaked while flying through clouds. PQ is so beautiful from the high view, esp. from the plane’s window.

View from plane’s window

Apartments in Ha Noi. I am impressed by Hanoi’s lifestyle

View from VCCI building in HN

Hoan Kiem Lake at noon

Literature Temple, our favorite place in HN

Hanoi train station at night. The services there are not good enough to keep guests. Hostesses there work as if they deliver something, not serving the tourists. Damned! i hate the way they reacted to me

Traffic in HN…so many cars, motorbikes!!! and always hear BIM BIM BIM. i was crazy!

Anh yeu and i love to walk under the tree’s shadow like this. and there are a few street like that in HN where we can truly go for walk! LOL, it was too hot to wear jean or pant!

Hanoi Tower where anh yeu worked his internship

Northern Gate. There are 4 big gates like that in HN but i didnt visit all

We discovered Sapa by riding motorbike. That was so AWESOME!

Inside Sapa Market. Be careful if you dont wanna buy stuffs with high price!

Special kind of rice field in Sapa as well as in the Northern mountainous areas

Silver Waterfall, so amazing!

Sapa on our first day. We stayed at 5th floor

Sapa on our last day, from my room’s window

Road to Heaven Gate full of fog

Heaven Gate with anh yeu. uhmm…. i was tickling him!

Heaven Gate

Com lam, sticky rice cooked inside a bamboo stick

And then we were back to HN to enjoy the last days together

This is One Pillar Pagoda. I was a bit disappointed. I thought that pagoda was big and high. but its a little one, just like a temple!

Bamboo bushes, standing for VNese people’s strength and flexibility

Hochiminh Mausoleum

Our favorite museum in HN

Those statues are inside this museum. Anh yeu is so impressed! either am I! Those stand around the Death House of ethnical people in Center of VN. Anh yeu and I dont understand much what they stand for, what the meaning of those statues is

on the way to Bat Trang pottery Village

Red River

Way to Bat Trang Village


One street in Hanoi

Dong Xuan Market

Thanh Nien Street. People built it crossing a big lake and now there are two lakes named West Lake and Truc Bach Lake

Lotus Pond

Love Street where young couple paint or write about their love

on Love Street. Anh yeu and I didnt know about that street before going there so we didnt bring anything along to express our love

Phu Tay Ho. There were so many people coming to pray for their lives

West Lake

Truc Bach Lake

VN Opera House

Hoan Kiem Lake at night

Inside the Old Quarter

Thats me on HN street. Anh yeu is the best driver!

Water Puppet Performance. So good! So impressive!

And now time for eating…We ate lots of kinds of food there…but below are what anh yeu and i love to eat!

Lunch Buffet with anh yeu’s coworkers. There was a seminar before. We were full at all

Nem chua ran, one kind of snacks in HN

Our friends, Phuong and Trung

Food in HN – Bun cha

Pho in HN – completely different from pho in the South…not much vegetable, so much fat…

Bun Cha – anh yeu and i love it so much and wanna eat again!

Cakes in anh yeu’s office – a farewell meeting of anh yeu. there were so many brownies and cheese cakes. We love all!!!

Our favorite cake – CREPE

Red wine

on the way to Noi Bai International Airport

Inside Noi Bai

on Pacific Airplane

TSN Airport


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