At Work: Witnessed Incident

Just came back from the boat… again, i witnessed an incident when i worked on the big cruise, which looked like an accident.

unbelievable that we just had a meeting about careful boat driving for 2 days ago. He was so careless… dont know what was going on on his mind at that time. he is just a vice-captain but always wants to show-off and prove himself as if he were a boat.

what happened?

on the river at that time, there were 4 boats (one was small – a fishing boat, a gas carrying boat, infrastructure material carrying boat and our boat). Our boat, the small boat and the gas boat were on the same right side and the material one was on the opposite side. Our vice-captain tried to lead first and he sped up. However, he only focused on the material and fishing boat. and he forgot to look behind. the aft of our boat would nearly hit the front of the gas boat if the captain of that boat didnt slow down. oh gosh! we are a travelling boat, we dont need to go fast. the distance between 2 boats at that time was about my arm long. and my arm is kind of short as you know.

thanks GOD, im alive!!!


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