Mood: Pissed Off Silly Paperwork Procedues in Viet Nam

dont know why i ALWAYS has annoying complicated problem with paper working… unlucky?!?

damn! dont understand at all why they could say that to me… they said because im working in a private company so that i dont need to apply any company’s recommendation letter with my boss’s signature and the company seal… BUT this afternoon they called me and asked me to apply such a silly letter for them!!! what the hell are they doing?!?… whats wrong with my application? why going abroad is so difficult to me???

another funny and stupid thing is that my supervisor did apply successfully her passport application and she tells me that i dont need to fill in the blank of purpose of making passport so that none gimme me problem. i couldnt do that…my local police asked me to fill in all the blanks and they also did something that they didnt have rights to do or maybe they had a lot of time… when i went to apply my passport application, i had to answer them lots of question such as if i married, where i studied, what my major is, where i am working now, what kind of my company, what i am doing in the company, bla bla bla…. More importantly, they DID NOT MENTION anything about the recommendation letter… WHY? WHY? WHY?


this is 21st century… not post-war period!!! why do they do that? i dont do anything wrong.



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