More Trips: Ha Tien and O Mon

Time to relax after serving the guests on Bassac Cruiser. Those were my 2 trip; one to my friend’s grandma’s and the other to Ha Tien, 3-4 hrs driving from Can Tho City

So far, i have found out that when you want to spend time on traveling with your friend, you dont have enough money. when you have much money, you cant travel with them because you dont have time… time and money dont go together and they sometimes fight each other…

Now i have money, a lot of money, but more importantly i cant spend much time with my family and my friends as i used to… i chose this job just as i love it… even there are lots of bad things happening so far. living in such a life means that i have to face all problems and have to manage them myself…

now im really appreciate what im having and wanna do lots of things for my family as well as for my anh yeu… but i cant do both… what should i do now? sometimes i just wanna hide somewhere so that i cant handle my own problems but that is not a good idea at all

anh yeu is gonna get back his hometown… it will be over soon… but i dont think that i can… we are so closed… there are lots of meaningful things happening to us… he told me that those are the best memories that we have ever had in our life… now we are taking use of time to stay together but kinda impossible… he wishes he could start earlier… but nothing can be changed…

as for my family, i dont know if it is okay or not when my younger brother prepares for his study abroad and i spend most of the time on board… then my father will be retired soon… so, just my parents stays at home and take care of themselves without us. i even dont spend much time staying at home and talk to my parents… from Tet, i have met my dad some times… thats weird to me somehow! working hard and taking care of my parents is what i am trying to do now

my plan stands still… no more time to fulfil it… thats so bad!!! this job is not the only job for me in my entire life… c’mon!!! there are so many things for me to finish!

im looking forward to having a week-off to make my travel-plan come true, but i just get 20%…

Dao and her banh xeo

Amy and her banh xeo

Joanna and her banh xeo

Louis and his banh xeo

Delicious Lunch @ Daos grandmas

Sunrise in Ha Tien, viewed from my room in a fancy hotel

Another Sunrise

Father and Son Limestone in Ha Tien

Ha Tien Town viewed from the hill

that was our fancy car... it was so cool!


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