My Thirst Job Interview: Most Interesting of year 2006

Well, I didn’t think that he would interview me when I handed in my resume. But he did! That interview lasted around 2 hours in English at all. However, I felt very comfortable to talk with him. It was juz like a meeting between 2 new friends who were trying to understand each other. Asking and answering and chatting and laughing! I like it that way.

That boss is a nice and friendly man. His Vietnamese is totally Southerner accent which I would love to. After greeting each other he gave me a brochure of his company, mostly about his 4 boats, an English version one. His boats are so RAD! Meanwhile, he was reading my CV, my handwriting cover letter and all my diplomas. He didn’t actually pay attention much on my diplomas or how good or bad they are. Also, he didn’t care about my outside appearance or how young I look. I really appreciate all he did to me. Then he introduced me some other things about his business as well as his boats. He does a good job, even the best one I have ever known. I think that is one of my good characteristics that my mother always talks about.

He asked me questions about all what I listed on my cover letter and my CV to know more about me such as what I am thinking about the job and the company. I mean he asked everything to know if I am qualified for his company. And they were not in my preparation list! I was confused some times and I didn’t say exactly as I thought. Hmm, not well uh?

Well, he also asked me which position I wanna work for; one is in the office near his restaurant and the other is on boat almost every week, even sleep on board if tourists choose that tour. It sounds interesting! I hesitated. I like traveling so working on boat will be so fun and stressful But the point here is that I cant swim and I am afraid of water. I know it is juz a bit annoying! And as for the position in the office is also good. I can use computer, contact many people, etc. Hey, later I did tell him that I can learn to swim and when I said I am scare of water, that doesn’t mean I am too scared to do nothing when I am on board. And, I also told him about my trips on board!

He also told me that working on boat will be boring soon to an energetic girl like me. Well, not really. His company offers juz a few destinations from cantho city to some other nearby provinces in Mekong Delta. Here, I will work with a trained team and with different tourists every week, even every day. So, different people in the same place will bring me different experiences and feeling. How can I feel bored? Generally, when I wanna do something, I can find interesting things in those stuffs. It is fun that one of my characteristics is that I am always up for anything as long as I am not forced into it.

Then, he also asked me something about the process of translation or interpreting and about what characteristics to become a host or a tour guide, etc. All his questions were very thoughtful and considerable. I felt a bit disappointed for myself because I didn’t prepare well enough to answer him. Anyway, at the end of my interview, he told me that I am qualified to work in tourism industry. What I need to do now is to wait for his reply and to try to apply for other jobs. He will contact me around next month. He need time to consider more applicants.

He did ask me if I have a boyfriend. At first I didn’t know what he meant. But later, I knew that he thinks he needs such a person like me to work on boats (well, after considering carefully) because of his own reasons. And if I work on boat, I won’t stay in my city most of the time. That was the purpose of the question. Haha!

After talking to him, I know that tourism is totally suitable for me. The thing that I am concerning about is EXPERIENCE. I know that I am a volunteer for foreign students and that doesn’t mean that I have enough good experiences to work. So, now I can start to work as an office employee in the tourist office.

Overall, the most considerable question is why he hires me to work in his company while I have a plan to run on my own tourist agency in which boss and employee is only one person and that’s me! He doesn’t mind competing with everyone because from competition he can learn more things and better his services. That is good!

Before say goodbye, he told me twice that he would arrange another interview for me with his wife who is also a manager in the company. Well, I am eager to meet her and I believe that by using my mother tongue, I can do better than I did the other day.


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