More Saigon Trip with Friends

Imagewonderful time in HCMC… its the best time i’ve ever had in my life, somehow!

after dropped M off in SG train station, we headed to VICTORY hotel. kinda fancy hotel! but insides, everything is normal. nothing impressive! T and me stayed in a room opposite the openair swimming pool while K and W stayed in an opposite room w/ us.

we wandered around district 1 for 3.5 hrs to window shop. only K bought stuff for himself ^_^then, having drink and snack together! brownie, cheese cake, ice cream…we together went to Ben Thanh market to buy some teddy bears. we were overwhelmed! the sellers along the street somehow are not friendly, i think. i know juz some of them are mean but that makes me upset a bit!

at 7pm, we had a farewell dinner being held by coThanh at Elephant restaurant. they served Thai food. and now i know what Pad Thai is. oop, i dont remember its name exactly! then, we ate ice cream in Bach Dang. that was an awesome dinner!

Con Voi Restaurant - Thai restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

inside Con Voi Restaurant

we met some friends around 10pm and went to Seventeen Saloon, a coffee shop near Ben Thanh market. that place was so fun to me. they decorate like Native American style. we talked, laughed, talked and made joke. thats so fun!

in front of Seventeen Saloon, District 1, HCMC

we decided to go back our hotel at midnight and we wouldnt wanna walk. so, honda hug, a honda taxi, was the good choice. but, i could not deal w/ the driver so we got a little w/ them. then,  there was a stupid incident. security guards of the hotel misunderstood me and didnt allow me to go back my room. Image so upset! they said it was too late to be a visitor. they even didnt ask me whether or not i was a guest renting their room. they juz saw me going out w/ 2 white men. so upset! and i dont wanna remember it! K went back and had a talk w/ those guys. and the manager apologized us for their silly action. i think they were right about visitors but the way they checked information was so awful! easily make customers upset!

after that, we discovered the hotel in darkness. so fun! we spent a couple hours in the roof of the hotel and around the swimming pool. went to bed at 3amImage this morning, we had breakfast together, well, the last time in a freezing room. food? not good at all!
at 9am, a taxi came to pick Tr and W to the airport. so sad!!! but i tried to smile w/ W! warmest hugs and kisses were delivered! then, i knew i lost W for good! he said he would return here a couple years later and we could hang out! 12.000 miles and time difference make us far away!

K and me departed to CT around 11am. and we did have an interesting talk about everything. i know now what i should do… ready for a coming interview! W doesnt want me to stay sad! crushing on W is a good and wonderful memory to me. we are still good friends definitely. we are tight friends. im happy that we know what one of us thinks ’bout the other and we respect each other though.

liking each other is not a big deal at all!Image


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