5 Days before TOEFL day

SometimesImage I wonder how many important exams there have been in my life: elementary graduation; middle school graduation, entrance exam to Ly Tu Trong Special high school, entrance exam to Cantho University, Aptech exams and now TOEFL. Did I do well on all the last exams? Not really. But, for this exam, I have prepared well enough to get my expected score. Image

There are challenging 4 sections in the test: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Reading part? Reading, reading and more reading and reading anything I have at home and on my computer. Listening part? Watching TV and English spoken without subtitle movies; listening to English sung songs and sample TOEFL listening tests. Speaking part? Talking to native speakers, e.g. American, British or Australian people; or even talking to yourself, hahaImage, silly! And finally writing part? Writing diary, blog, journal, and anything I want in English. It looks easy, but no way. It has taken me lots of time and energy. Image

I have study at home most of the time and I attended a TOEFL preparation class in CFL of CTU in 2 months. Actually, the class did not prepare me much because what they taught me are what I knew already. Anyway, it was a good time for me to hear and speak English and review many English words which are very useful in TOEFL exam. My teacher told me that there was a student getting a pretty high score in the last exam, 100 iBT (equal to 600 of TOEFL PBT). Can I do that? Hmm…keep waiting!Image

As for online registration of TOEFL, my friend Dan helped a lot with lending me his plastic. My Dad did not believe in such a payment method. He thinks it is not safe anyway. More importantly, this payment is cheaper than paying money for ETS’s branch in Ho Chi Minh City. Finally, ImageI got my ticket of confirmation including my test ID and receipt number. I am taking the exam in Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy, District 5 at 4 p.m. Khon khiep! The exam will last more than 4 hoursImage. That means I will finish my exam after 8 p.m. I bet it will be so pressure and tiring.Image

As yet, I feel a bit nervous. Luckily, I found the strongest motivation for my study and my plan. Communication is very helpful and English is the only way for me to do that.

To my Dad, taking such a test is time-consuming and costly. To my Mom, it is a reason for her to praise me whenever she meets her friends or even anyone she meets by chance. To my friends, it is really a challenge for English majors to find scholarships to study abroad. It is a possible chance for me to get to study in his country. To me, the test helps me to get closer to him by studying in his country.
It is very funny that I also have a plan of relaxing after the examImage. I intend to spend a couple days there to hang out with my some French friends. For sure, ImageI really want W join us, but he will be in Ha Noi at that time. It is too bad anyway!Image


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