My Second Job Interview

Learning from the first interview, I started to go to the interview earlier in the morning, 1 hour before the appointment. The road was muddy so my shoes were dirty. That was not good, by the way. Image

Again, I had to wait and wait more than 30 minutes to take my turn to meet the Head of Human Resource Department. I was so tired of waiting in such a long timeImage. They should make another suitable time for interviewees. How is the Head of HR department? She is a young woman and pretty friendly. She shared many interesting thing with meImage. And also, she asked the same questions that I was asked in the first interview. Then, I was asked to translate a Vietnamese document, an open letter, into English with the given format. It took me around 20 minutes to finish. ImageShoot! That was the most clumsy Vietnamese essay I have ever read. Sentences were too long to figure out where the subject and verbs wereImage. Finally, I did it well. And again, I had to wait more than 30 minutes to meet a Malaysian director. I was so tired. Did nothing except for walking around in the visitors’ room and feeling chilly because of a big AC. Finally at 11.40am I met the directorImage. How does he look like? He is middle age. His English is very strange. I hardly understood him some times. He also asked me the same questions. I don’t think he could understand all what I told him. Hopefully he thinks I am mature enough to get the job. My second interview ended at 12.15am. Image

I felt sick before and on the day of the interview so I don’t think that I succeeded. whatever!

I think that company kinda wanna take use my energy somehow. They pay a little but my job will be very pressure. That is not fair. I have to consider that though I don’t know if they accept me. Image

I really don’t wanna work for Asian directors. Foreign companies are various. I prefer Western or American or Australian directors. ImageWhy? That is their style. They are not macho. They are open minded. They are kinda fair somehow. They tend to make things into black and white, not gray. And more importantly I am used to working and contacting such people. I know that I should not think such a silly idea but that is what I am thinking now.

So tired! It rains and stops to rain.

There are many useful functions in my gmail account. Its UI is not as beautiful as Yahoo mail, but it works out well. I can chat with my friends without installing any program like I did with Yahoo.


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