My First Job Interview

Image i really dont know if i like that job, a secretary of a Malaysian director in Calofic Company, in Hung Phu IZ, Cantho city.

from my house to the company, oh man, it took me 40 mins by riding a motorbike. a bit tired Image. that is not really a company; it is a branch of a Head office in Ha Long, Quang Ninh.

i had to fill in a form which made me tired tooImage. i dont like such questions as what i do in my free time, what my favorite entertainment is, what my next 5 year career’s objective is, bla bla bla. anyway, i finished filling in it after 20 mins. i aslo met a friend of mine who i dont like much during my high school year. i think she is working in hochiminh city, in a university. but i dont know why she wants to quitImage

then, i handed in my form and continued waiting for my interview. then at 10 a.m, finally they called me into a small room equipped with a big AC. it made me chilly and i hardly spoke out any words. damn it!Image. the interviewer was a young woman. she is a friend of my friend who recommended me to the office. we had a friendly talk about company, my abilities, my experiences, my strong and weak points and of course in EnglishImage i think i did well. i aslo offer  an expected salary around $150. i dont know if they accept. i dont careImage im deserved for that!

one more dump thing that she told me: you should know that we will work under pressure. you can stay back at the office lately. the director is a strick man. you sometimes are forced to do many things that you dont want… damn! i know all about that. thats why i ask for such a bit high salary. yeap, to me, living with my family in cantho city, having no motorbike, no boyfriend, so the salary is suitable.Image

they told me that i will know the result next week. if im accepted, i will have another interview with the Malaysian director and the manager of Human Resource Department. i dont care! im not nervous. Image

what im caring now is my TOEFL test taken place in November .Image

by the way, i also get problem with paper workingImage. everything that i took for granted to be done, but actually NOT…go to the hell all of them!!!Image

16 days left for my TOEFL test!


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