More Solo Trip – Vung Tau 2006

1st September 2006

My friends and I started the trip by waiting for a bus of Cantho Medicine and Pharmacy University in nearly one hour. We had a safe trip from Cantho to HCM city. We had lunch in Baria, 24km from Vung Tau city. Food there was not good and I was tired from the trip so that I didn’t eat much. Then, we went to Binh Chau hot spring, a tourism area. Water there is naturally hot, around 600. You know, we did boil 10 eggs. We also put our legs in a small warm pool, around 250. It was very hot to us at first, but soon we felt better. There was kind of mud bathing but it is quite expensive and the weather at that day was so hot. We couldn’t stay any longer. After that, it took us around 1 hour to go to our hotel. You know, in that trip, we used taxi lots, but luckily, we were a group of 5 people so that we could share the money. Because of Independent Day, there were many tourists rushing to Vung Tau. It was very hard to book rooms at those days. We held a little party in our room with a teacher of Cantho Medicine and Pharmacy University and her family. That was a COOL night!

2nd September 2006  – Vietnamese Independent Day!

We had breakfast late at a bad food store and then we went to the beach. Oh, man! There were thousand of people there. Chairs and umbrellas were useful because there was lots of sunlight and it was very hot. We had to spend much money on hiring that stuff. Ngan’s younger sister and I sat on the chair when other 3 boys went swimming. Then, we ordered seafood. Not good enough. But it was ok. Then we were back to our hotel and prepared for lunch. We met Ngan, Jeremy’s host sister at around 12p.m with her boyfriend. Again, we ordered seafood but at that time, they were so GOOD! I love squids grilled with chili (it smelt spicy but it was not spicy, hehe (^_^) ). Later, we checked out, moved to Ngan’s hotel, near the beach, and very quite! In the late afternoon, we went to the beach and got to swim, but we could not. There were lots of garbage there and in the water. Again, I juz watched the sea. In the dinner, Ngan and her friends bought some fresh “ghe” (one kind of crab), shrimps, and squids. We had a wonderful dinner! At night, Ngan invited us to club in Vung Tau city. You know that was my third time I went to such a place. Actually, I don’t like those places… I can’t dance so I just sit and observe the others. The music there was better than one club in my city… but I didn’t like much. Anyway, it is good to know and I absolutely don’t want to invite any of my friends to go there.

3rd September 2006

I had a plan in which I would take photos of the sunrise, but I was so tired and then I couldn’t do it…anyway, I had lots of photos of dawn. At that day, we had another crazy lunch. At first, we just hired chairs to sit and relax. Some of us swam even though they knew the sea was not clean. Then, Ngan decided to buy some fresh fish from 2 fishmen nearby, well actually they were caught fish. And Ngan and her sister make a fire to grill those fish. They made it! Then I gave her a hand by ask a woman in a store nearby to make “nuoc mam me”, which was made from nuoc mam (souce fish), garlic, chili and me (tamarind). Ngan’s boyfriend juz tried a very little because he was afraid of polluted sea. Anyway, those fish were good! Then, I went to a restaurant to have luch with him and Ngan. He told me some interesting things about how to drink wine, red and white wine. It was so good to know. At 4 o’clock, we went to hydro fuel station to back to Hochiminh city. We had a little problem with number on our ticket. According to regulation of the station, we have to sit at the right seat that is numbered on our ticket. We did like that. We sat on our right seat. But there was a girl sitting there before and showed us her ticket numbered 67. Then, there was a group of 4-5 people, who had seat numbered 67. Shoot! We had a little argument. Later, an employee made an agreement for us. It was totally the station’s fault, not us and that girl and that group. There were many more people than usual so I think it is very dangerous if something bad happen. They also have lifesuit, but I don’t think there are enough for all of us. Finally, after 1 hour on board we were in Hochiminh city. We had dinner in Thanh Nien’s restaurant. It was so expensive! But I like snails there. We departed to Cantho at 8 o’clock. We had a funny time on the bus.

I have a good trip anyway. New place. New experience. New friends. New memories!


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