Movies: Wars

Last nights I watched SOMETIMES IN APRIL on HBO. Have you ever watched this movie?

It is about the war in Rwanda country, Africa in 1994. Exactly, it was a genocide war between Hutu and Tutsi. I am shockedImage! I hear lots about genocide in Cambodia and saw its photos sent by friends who visited Cambodia. It is so horrible! But watching movie about it is more horrible! ImageIt is the first time I saw people in the same country used scimitars to kill their fellow-countrymen. They cut heads, hands, feet, etc. and then they gather dead bodies in the big trucks and poured all in mass gravesImage. Because of being killed, many normal citizens, especially women, children and the old had to hide in marshes till they died of lacking food, clean water and mosquitoes. Meanwhile, government soldiers, rebels and soldiers of Rwanda Front Liberation were firing together to take control of the country. There was an unforgettable scene in the movie that described a government soldier shot all unarmed young girls in a school church with his machine gun. Sometimes on the screen, a director showed the figures such as after 65 days, death toll increased up to 650.000 people but according to a CIA report, the maximum number was about 500.000. The director also showed 2 totally different images: one was in USA, in the morning, in a park full of green trees and fresh air, children were playing with their family happily; the other was in Rwanda, in the evening, in a school church, more than 120 young girls were killed and the dead bodies were covered each other like sardines in the box. Moreover, it was so ironical that while some people in UN or US government and other foreign government were arguing about what genocide action is and how genocide is made up, the death toll became higher. No one answers 2 questions. Foreign countries’ government didn’t intervene. UN forces gave up when the war began. People stood by and kept talking and discussing…

I recommend you guys that you should watch it, a 3-hour long movie and it makes you think and remain you lots.

Well, concerning about the current war in Lebanon. Everyone tries to do something to cease the fire in hopeless. Where UN is… sometimes I wonderImage. You know, here, in VN, the way that VN Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted recently is so slow to evacuate Vietnamese citizens who mostly are maids and are counted about 200. But anyway, some of them will return to VN on 2nd August and other will some come back home soon. It is better than doing nothing. Everyday I watch TV and read newspaper full of war news such as bombings, fierce crashes, etc. I know that I cannot understand at all the feeling of people who are suffering the war now but I am sure that the war will soon be over. I think number of people who love war is always lower than that of people who don’t support to solve problem by using weapons and violence.Image

Hey guys, can you guess the purpose of this war? Land and its importance? Natural resource? Oil? Religion? Terrorism? Like the way I usually talk to my Daddy, a Vietnamese army officer, that such damn people have lots of free time and they don’t know how to use it. So, they start war. Also, they think that is a good way to prove themselves. How strong they are! How powerful they are! People should scare and respect them and give them whatever they want. Damn!

How can we help these people who are in the war zone? I actually don’t know!Image


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