My first love letter


It is unbelievable that you will return to America in the next few days. I wish the time would stop running to keep you by my side. I cannot imagine how my life will be when we live half way around the world. I will wear your red bandanna everyday to remind me of the wonderful time we spent together. I cannot forget the first dancing lesson that you taught me. Do you remember how clumsy I was? I did not even dare to hold your hand but when I looked into your eyes, I knew I could trust you. I feel peaceful and happy whenever we are together.

There are not enough words to describe my feeling for you. You know, whenever you look at your favorite stars, know that I am also watching the same ones and really want to steal them to get you close to me.

Thinking of you



*** this is a draft of my first letter. I wrote it down on my journal – a gift from my friend, Nathalie 😉

/*** haha, this is an assignment given by my Writing teacher, Ms. Yen. I got 7.5/10, not as good as I expected!


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