My first autobiography – A great life of a tree

A Great Life of a Tree

In a tropical forest, there are many kinds of trees; young ones, middle ones, and old ones living compatibly with many other types of plants and animals. There is the tallest and biggest tree in the forest. Can you guess which one? It is me. The tree has lived for a long time with long and wide roots under the ground and on the ground’s surface. If you use your arms to hold me, I am afraid that you cannot. You need to ask for seven more people to do that. There are also some old trees like me, but I am respected the most because of my life – a great one, I think. It is worth being proud of me a little bit. So, I do not hesitate to tell you about my life.

Actually, I do not remember who my parents are and where I came from originally because more than four hundred years have passed. I have survived from when I was very little young tree to a big tree now with the assistance of my neighbor trees. I consider them my family. Many large trees that are dead now once covered and protected me in strong storms and in heavy tropical rains. Besides, I also tried my best to survive, having to find food and water for myself. At first, it was very difficult for me because I was too young and my roots were too short and delicate to spread out widely. Later, from the experiences of my old neighbor trees, of same-age-friend trees, as well as my own, I could manage everything for my life.

One day, the strongest storm I had ever seen came to my forest. The sky became darker. The winds rose stronger. The old neighbor trees tried to protect us, the younger trees, from the storm by using their branches to make a big shelter that covered us. However, that was a very damaging storm that destroyed many trees in the forest. The storm made many trees fall down, including me. At that time, I still had a few roots that tried to hold on to the ground. Day by day those little roots worked hard to get enough food and water to keep me alive. On the brightest day in my life, there was an expedition that came to the forest and the people saved me as well as many other trees. Unfortunately, some of my friends were not lucky enough to survive up until that day when we were saved. Later, from the biologists’ conversation, I knew I was one of the precious plants that they had tried to conserve.

My life changed from that day forward. Now I know that I can survive in any conditions. Since that day, I have spent peaceful and pleasant time with my family and my friends. In the morning, we would breathe the fresh air, bathe in the shining sunlight, and talk and sing together. At night, we would talk with animal and observe them hunting. I grew up quickly. In a short time, I was nearly as tall as the middle trees in my forest. I was proud to be the safest house for many kinds of bird.

I woke up in a peaceful morning as usual one day, when suddenly I heard my friends and the animals shouting. That sound was getting louder and louder. There was a forest fire – the most dangerous enemy of all trees and animals. The fire damaged most of my area. My old neighbor trees, my friends and other younger trees died. The heat increasingly rose from the fire and I felt as if I would soon become ash. One by one, the other trees fell down around me. I shouted in hopelessness and became unconscious. Later, I woke up in the dead silence and found that everything around me had become black ash. I myself was injured terribly and I hurt from the bottom of my heart. From those days, I promised “Not only to live for myself, but also for the others that had died from the forest fire.” I want to tell the story of how those trees once lived and protected me. I also want their experiences when they were alive to be told forever.

Many years after the big fire, the tropical was a national park and people gave us, trees and animals, more protection and many special cares. I feel happy and lucky now. Every day I enjoy my peaceful life and do not stop telling the younger trees about the history of the forest, about significant events that happened before, and about my good neighbor trees and my friends. I also care for all the young trees as my neighbor trees used to do for me. I receive much respect from them because I am still the safest home for many birds. I continue living with a strong belief that the forest will have a bright future. When I die, I would like to give the wood from body for human’s needs and the other parts to make fertilizer to help the young trees grow.


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