Ipoh, my getaway weekend town | main town

For two months I have been coming back and forth to Ipoh, Malaysia as my getaway weekend town.

Ipoh has more than 700,000 people with more than 70% Chinese – Cantonese speaking. Can Tho has more than 1.5 millions people. Both are still considered big cities in S.E.A.

Ipoh is 45 meters (147ft) above sea level while Can Tho is 1 meter (0.3ft). That is one of the reasons I love this place – mountainous region with lots of tropical rainforest.

Both cities can be accessible by cars, buses, and planes. Transportation system in Malaysia works much better than that in Vietnam though.

The Ipoh railway station was initially meant to be a hospital and used before the 20th century as such before being turned into a station. The original completion year of 1917 was delayed for three years due to lack of construction materials as well as high costs during World War I. ~taken by Angela Worldtrekker

It’s a relatively wealthy city, which earned its fortunes on the tin trade. Ipoh has become a modern metropolis home to over half a million people. It was once a great tin mining centre but today it is the main tourist gateway in the state. It’s not hard to find the reason why for this delightful city has a wide range of historic, cultural, and architectural attractions which are relatively concentrated and easily accessible. ~taken by Angela Worldtrekker

The Birch Memorial Tower in Jalan Raja Musa Aziz is also prominent landmark in the city. It was constructed in memory of the British resident. J.W.W. Birch, who was killed at Pasir Salak on November 2nd, 1875. ~taken by Angela Worldtrekker

Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic has painted eight murals on various buildings in Ipoh’s Old Town, including on the OldTown White Coffee outlet facing Padang Ipoh, and on buildings around Kong Heng Square. These murals capture elements of local life in the city. ~taken by Angela Worldtrekker

I have tried to capture all those paintings ~taken by Angela Worldtrekker

I think so far this painting is my fav ~ taken by Angela Worldtrekker

somewhere in Old Town of Ipoh. Credit to Lauriane Buisson

Old houses still stand up and reflect their glory time. Credit to Lauriane Buisson